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Slime Textures We offer

  • Drizzly Cloud Creme

    Popular texture. This slime has a creamy smooth texture that you can drizzle, spread and fluff up! The more you fluff it up, the better it drizzles. It is made with instant snow powder. Just right for anyone new to Slime and a calm Slime experience without the mess.

  • Butter

    Spreadable and smooth like butter! Typically made with an air dry clay to create this fun texture. Great for slime newbies. Easy to handle and is very stretchy and easy to handle with no mess and easy maintenance.

  • Glossy

    Super stretchy texture with a high gloss to it. Easy to play with. Inflates and creates bubble pops. Great for ASMR. Low maintenance. Hours of fun!

  • Other Textures

    Cloud, Clear, Jelly, Snow Fizz, Cloud Dough, Fishbowl, Milky, Microfloam, Bingsu, Basic Microfloam, Jiggly, And MANY MORE! Please check the descripton on the slime product if you would like detailed information about that specific texture.