Slime Care

How To Take Care Of Your Slime

To Keep Your Slime Fresh And New Feeling Please Always Wash Your Hands Before And After Playing With It. Depending on Climate On The Postal Service Trucks Your Slime Could Be Stiffer Than Usual Or Stickier. If It Is Cold Outside Please Allow Your Slime A Few Hours To Soften Up. If It Is Hot Outside And Your Slime Has Gotten Too Sticky Use Activator Pen If Your Package Includes It. If You Do Not Have Activator You Can Make Some By Simply mixing 1 Cup Of Hot Water To 1 Tablespoon Borax, Stir Until Dissolved. Use Only Half A Teaspoon At A Time And Knead Into The Slime For About 60 Seconds At A Time. Be Sure Not To Add Too Much Or You Will Overactivate Your Slime And Ruin It. ALWAYS Keep Your Slime In An Airtight Container So It Doesn't Dry Out! 

If Your Slime Is Too Stiff Or Doesn't Stretch Like You Want It To You Can Fix This By Using Lotion, Hair Gel, Or Hand Sanitizer. (DO NOT Use Lotion In Clear Slimes Or It Will Get Foggy). These Will Melt Your Slime Down. Use Only A Tiny Bit At A Time And Knead Into The Slime For 60 Seconds At A Time Until You Get The Desired Texture. You Can Do This If You Over Activated You Slime As Well. If You Do Not Have Either Of The Ingredients You Can Just Leave Your Slime In A Warm Place. However, This May Take Weeks Depending on How Much You Over Activated Your Slime So Be Very Careful When Using Activator!